Controlling Catering Costs

“Keep a vigi­lant eye on your invoices. If a price looks askew, call your vendor and ask about it.”—Michael Rosman TIPS FOR CONTROLLING CATERING COSTS BY Michael Rosman Founder of The Corporate Caterer, a membership website and consult­ing company for restaurateurs and caterers who want to begin or grow a corporate drop-off catering business. Keep […]

Do You Have Lease Problems?

A client called today with a lease issue. She had been renting an old restaurant commissary kitchen for over 15 years. In the beginning, she had a five-year lease, but when it expired, she and the landlord agreed that a month-to-month arrangement was fine; he had no plans for the property, and she figured it […]

My Catering Job: What Is It?

What’s My Job? My colleague and friend Richard Radbil wrote this article. He founded and operated the largest catering company in Wisconsin for more than two decades. Please read and pay close attention… When I opened my first fast food restaurant, I was the cook and my wife took customer orders. I touched every sandwich, […]

Yes – Take Those Last Minute Orders

Why You Should Take Last Minute Orders Many caterers enjoy their business because, unlike restaurants, caterers usually have a reasonable idea of what is scheduled for the next day.  Although not absolutely unheard of, last minute weddings that require catering are uncommon.  Short notice events can pop up, but again, this is not the norm. When you enter […]

Don’t Do It!

Don’t Do It Texas music icon Delbert McClinton’s latest album contains a tune called “Don’t Do It,” and after reading Richard’s contribution below, I would heartily agree! July 4th Event In the drop-off world, we supplemented sometimes slower summer days with picnics and tailgate parties, and even though we usually didn’t have any events on […]

Catering Presentation Is Key

This just in from a client: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Michael, you know that I sold my drop-off catering business and now manage a law office. While we have talked about my interesting career change, that’s not why I am writing you today. We Have Frequent Lunches Our office has regular meetings where we order food, and the […]