Your Worst Nightmare

Imagine waking up to a call from your local health department informing you that scores of guests that attended an event you catered two days ago are reporting that they are sick. Food safety is one of your greatest responsibilities and if you don’t ensure that the correct guidelines are being followed, you can end […]

More Thoughts On Third-Party Delivery Services

About a year ago, many caterers were concerned about third party delivery services like Seamless, Favor and UberEATS. Some were worried that another slew of competitors had arrived to try to occupy even more of the fragmented food delivery business landscape. Our members wanted me to write about this subject and offer defensive solutions that […]

Discounting Your Orders Can Keep the Big Ones Away

I’ve spoken before about the restaurateur’s mentality: “I can’t have too many customers; I need a line out to the street; the more the better–the busier the better; I don’t care if they are parties of 30 or single diners; I’ll take whatever comes in.” This thought process, however, can be counter-productive to the financial […]

Your Own Dog and Pony Show

When I opened my first restaurant I didn’t want it to exactly feel like a ma and pa place—even though it basically was. This was in the 1970s, when restaurant chains were more admired than disdained like they sometimes are today. Chain restaurants had special printed paper supplies, fancy logos and custom menu boards behind […]