Is Bigger Always Better?

I have spent a lot of time analyzing why some businesses grow and why some seem to be stuck, and my favorite example has always been Starbucks. How did Howard Shultz scale one coffee shop into 23,768 locations, while in Austin, TX, Sa-Tén Coffee and Eats, for example, only has one store? They May Want […]


Presentation Lots of Catersource attendees were taking photos of the many unique buffet configurations that were available for viewing at the show. We all want that “wow factor” for our upscale wedding and reception events, and many caterers left the show with some great ideas. Not Just For Weddings Anymore With our competitive space becoming […]

Your Menu

[bs_tabs][bs_tab title=”OVERVIEW”] “The Belly Rules the Mind.” –Spanish Proverb   A growing number of restaurateurs and caterers are focusing on corporate drop-off catering to increase profits and promote their brand according to the National Restaurant Association. Furthermore, industry experts expect the trend in this sector to rise sharply over the next decade. The success of […]

Is it Time – Part II

Is it Time – Part II My last blog discussed certain business sale aspects, and today I’d like to get into more detail about two critical issues. Last time I had mentioned that before you actually put your catering business on the market, you have to be ready to be done. If you are sure […]