Consulting Services

On-Site Consulting Services

Let us come to you! The Corporate Caterer offers on-site consulting services to help your catering business reach its full potential. Our on-site team will give you the tools you need to flourish in all areas, including menu content and creation, catering systems and operations, prospecting, lead generation, sales and marketing strategies, tastings, client acquisition and even better organization in your workspace. There is no substitute for being able to explain your unique vision and needs to our staff on location in the heart of your operation.

Have questions? Here are some of the most common topics inquired about regarding both Private Coaching and On-Site Consulting Services:

Menu Content & Creation:

  • Research Competitors’ Menus
  • Review Policies and Pricing
  • Define Your “Specialties” to?Promote Brand Awareness
  • Establish / Document Specs for Menu Items
  • Review, Recommend and Edit Current Catering Menu
  • Evaluate Website
  • Collaborate and Create a Corporate Catering Menu

Catering Operations Manual:

  • Prioritize Set-Up Schedule
  • Provide Templates and Instructions
  • Evaluate Current Weights, Means, Measures
  • Prioritize / Document Delegation Schedule
  • Implement Structured Operational Flow
  • Create Operations Manual

Prospecting and Lead Generation:

  • Set-up Lead / Prospect Database
  • Institute Methodology for Database Building
  • Create Phone Scripts
  • Establish Follow-up Methodology
  • Strategize Short and Long-Range Plan
  • Analysis & Forecasting

Sales & Marketing:

  • Collaborate / Create Monthly Promotion Schedule
  • Collaborate / Create Monthly Marketing Plan
  • Design an Advertising Strategy for Promotions
  • Build Brand Awareness thru:
  • Social Media Outreach
  • Email Promotion
  • In-Store Signage
  • Announcement Flyers
  • Suggestive Selling
  • Tag Line Brainstorm

Tastings & Client Acquisition:

  • Train Staff in All Aspects of Successful Tastings
  • Compile Prospects
  • Cold Call and Qualify Prospects
  • Schedule Tastings
  • Create an Email Confirmation System
  • Create Snail Mail Brochure Dispatch System
  • Collaborate on or Write Tasting Menu
  • Write a Customized Tasting Script
  • Create a Post-Tasting Follow-Up System
  • Assist Hiring a Salesperson
  • Create and Implement Tasting Sales Plan
  • Demonstrate and Evaluate a Mock Tasting
  • Attend “Live” Tasting
  • Organizing Your Workspace

Design Organizational and Filing Infrastructure for Your Office:

  • Collaborate on and Write Administrative Policies and Procedures
  • Establish and Write Policies and Scripts?for “On the Phone”
  • Create and Write Specs for Facilitating Orders
  • Create and Write Specs for Employee Handbook