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The Corporate Caterer

Michael Rosman has spent more than three decades in the food industry. He built a $1.8 million a year corporate drop-off catering operation from the ground up in suburban Boston. Throughout his company’s steady growth he kept detailed records of the process. His membership website is a compilation of tips, tools, templates and behind-the-scene trade secrets that he and his team have created over the years.

Realizing this resource information is an enormous benefit for any operation that aspires to begin or grow a corporate drop-off division, Michael decided to assemble “The Corporate Catering Dream Team”. This collaboration of professionals has expertise in the different aspects of the industry and is here to help you succeed.

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From the age of fifteen, Michael worked in the usual glamorous positions of food service in some of Boston’s finest and not so finest restaurants: dishwasher, busboy, bar back, kitchen-prep and server. After college, he spent five years in a management-training program with a leading food-service company that operated corporate dining facilities and catering venues throughout the city.

In 1990, Michael bought a “breakfast and lunch joint” in Boston’s financial district. Eventually, he took ownership of a nearby pizzeria. From the beginning, he believed that building a corporate catering business would be a critical component of success. For the next five years, he worked seventy-five hour weeks, absorbing his fair share of learning-as-you-go bumps and bruises along the way. He began creating the infrastructure for a corporate catering operation that would be invaluable in the years that followed.

In 1996, the leases on both his restaurants were up for renewal. By this time, Michael had “seen the light”. Realizing corporate catering could reap greater profits and a better (meaning working fewer hours) quality of life, he decided to hang up his spatulas and pizza paddles and focus solely on catering. While searching for a new operations facility, a successful and significantly larger competitor offered to purchase his catering client list. A deal was quickly struck, and Michael spent the next few months “catching up on sleep and laundry”.


One morning while still enjoying the life of leisure, a job posting caught his eye: Independent restaurant with modest corporate catering customer base ($3,000 per week) seeking experienced Director of Corporate Catering to grow the business. He interviewed and was offered the position.

Ten years later, the corporate catering division was generating almost two million dollars annually.  “Blood, sweat, and tears” is his partial response to how the business grew. Michael offers further insight by adding, “But the more important piece was envisioning the infrastructure and systems that needed to be created.” He eventually began thinking of the corporate catering division as a franchise. How could he build a prototype for this business that could be set-up in practically any existing restaurant?

After 15 years, he has built a well-oiled operation with a healthy, happy client base and a well-trained staff. Michael had the time he desired to pursue interests outside of the business, resulting in the life-work balance that he envisioned.

After another break to catch up on sleep and laundry, he created The Corporate Caterer, a step-by-step roadmap for the industry. It is the blueprint that Michael wished for 20 years ago is now available to you.