Michael Rosman Shows Restaurateurs How to Add

10%-20% to The Bottom Line through Corporate Drop-Off Catering


MoneyArlington, Massachusetts – June 12, 2014 – With sales in the $683.4 billion restaurant industry nearly flat – up a paltry 1.2% in real (inflation-adjusted) terms, according to the National Restaurant Association – operators are hungry for new sources of revenue.

The solution: corporate drop-off catering.

“If you’re a restaurateur looking for a shot in the arm, corporate drop-off catering is your ticket,” insists Michael Rosman, industry veteran and founder/CEO of The Corporate Caterer (http://thecorporatecaterer.com/). “You’ve already got your operating license, your staff, your kitchen and you know foodservice. If you are a restaurant on Beacon Street in Boston or Wall Street in New York — or near any business or commercial districts, financial centers or office parks in any city in America — and you’re not delivering sandwiches or continental breakfasts to companies Monday through Friday, you should be.”

Corporate catering, Rosman adds, “is a great revenue stream, particularly for restaurants that are looking for that extra 10%, 15%, 20% and just don’t know how to do it.”

What even veteran restaurateurs may lack, however, is simply knowing how to get started. “I think there is a large degree of just not knowing how to do it,” Rosman reflects. “What do I serve on? What kind of forks, knives, plates and napkins should I use? How do I get business?”

That is where The Corporate Caterer comes in.

Rosman knows whereof he speaks, having grown his own catering firm from $150,000 a year to $150,000 a month, and more than $2 million a year in sales. Restaurateurs and caterers around the country who want to begin or grow their corporate drop-off catering business need a place to pick up expertise they’ll need starting on day one. “If I’d had something like this 25 years ago it would have saved me a lot of angst,” Rosman relates. “Instead, I had to figure it out as I went along.”

        The host of invaluable membership benefits includes:

OUT-OF-THE BOX IDEAS: Insights gleaned from decades of experience that will reduce your workload and boost your bottom line.

        GREAT CONTENT: Manageable bundles of content delivered monthly and organized around specific topics.

TEMPLATES AND FORMS: Invaluable tools to help you work more efficiently and get you organized for success.

        SAMPLE LETTERS: Downloadable sample letters for customer service, vendor relations and client acquisition.

EMAILS AND PROMOTIONS: Easy to customize, prewritten emails and promotions to save you time and jumpstart sales.

SAMPLE CONTENT: Plug-and-play promotions, mock conversations, true stories from the catering battlefield and mistakes to avoid.

EXPERT INTERVIEWS: Exclusive Q&A’s with industry veterans who share their unique perspectives.

ENGAGED COMMUNITY: Access to a community discussion board, moderated by our team. Post questions, comments and observations.

NUANCED TRAINING: In-depth training and advice on the components that create a profitable corporate drop-off catering program.

RESPONSIBLE FOCUS: Tips to make your operation environmentally friendly, which ultimately is good for business.

        LIFE BALANCE FOCUS: Your business should be working for you — not the other way around.

LIVE WEBINARS: Dive deeper into each topic area, ask questions and discuss ideas.

        BOOK PREVIEW: See excerpts from Rosman’s upcoming book, The Corporate Drop-Off Catering Playbook.

        The Corporate Caterer will soon be adding yet another essential tool: a way for members to find new clients, Rosman says. “We are setting the groundwork for a Leads Program. It’s very unique, and I think it’s going to be very big. It’s for the restaurateur out there looking at my site and thinking, ‘All of this will sure as hell help me do the business – now, how do I get the business?’”

To take advantage of the Leads Program, members simply fill out an application identifying where they wish to go after business: cities, towns, zip codes or even specific streets.  The Corporate Caterer’s experienced in-house research team handles all of the cold-calling and compiles qualified leads only — companies that have catering brought in at least twice a month or more.

At just $19.95 per month with no contract and the freedom to cancel at any time, The Corporate Caterer is clearly “an invaluable source for tips, tools and templates to help manage and market your corporate drop-off catering division,” Rosman concludes. “Whether you’re just beginning or deep into it, there is tons of information that will help you make more money – and lots of it.”

About Michael Rosman and The Corporate Caterer

Michael Rosman took a corporate catering operation from $150,000 a year to $150,000 a month — and how helps others do the same. Rosman has spent more than three decades in the food industry, and built a $1.8-million-a-year corporate drop-off catering operation in suburban Boston. After watching too many colleagues working too many hours for too little profit, he created The Corporate Caterer, a multimedia membership website and consulting company for restaurateurs and caterers who want to beef up their bottom line by beginning or grow their corporate drop-off catering business. Please visit www.thecorporatecaterer.com for more information and to join.

Published by Michael Rosman

Michael Rosman has spent more than three decades in the food industry. He built a $1.8 million a year corporate drop-off catering operation from the ground up in suburban Boston. Throughout his company’s steady growth he kept detailed records of the process. His membership website is a compilation of tips, tools, templates and behind-the-scene trade secrets that he and his team have created over the years.